Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arizona Watermelon "Fruit Juice Cocktail"

Sigh...I am so sorry that I missed yesterday's post. I know I broke my promise. Some things came up. I suppose my word doesn't mean much these days, but I swear to you still loyal readers that I will not miss another post (unless there's an emergency) for a while. I may start working on a buffer instead of trying to sit down and write them on the spot Tuesday and Friday. Anyway, onto the beverage.

I picked this up at a local CVS the other day while shopping for cold medicine. It was...okay. It tastes pretty much like you would expect a watermelon beverage to taste: sweet and syrupy. Sweet is not bad, but syrupy I can do without. It had this weird kind of sticky aftertaste, too, which I really didn't like. It left my mouth kind of bitter, especially towards the end (maybe I didn't shake it vigorously enough). In my opinion, any beverage that you have to wash down with another beverage is really just not worth the effort. It's not unbearable, and I finished the whole thing for some reason, but it's not very good either. It is a dollar, however, which I guess is one thing that it does have going for it.

Verdict: Not recommended.

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