Thursday, September 17, 2009

VOSS Sparkling Water

VOSS sparkling artisan water is pretty decent. Hailing from Norway, VOSS Water focuses on gourmet appearance and minimalist, futuristic design. Now, while I do like the bottle design (very much), it does not speak for the quality of this sparkling water. Voss water is by no means bad. I's water. It's hard to mess up water. But it's not great either. It's not super carbonated, which to me is a bad thing. If I'm going to drink sparkling water, I definitely want to feel the bubbles, not just taste the carbon. Voss is somewhere on the bad side of the middle. It's not quite carbonated enough for my tastes, but some people may like its gentler approach. I would rank it as somewhere between San Pelligrino and Perrier, with Perrier being delicious, and San Pelligrino being shit.

Not to say that I wouldn't drink San Pelligrino in a pinch. It is a perfectly acceptable beverage, just not the best of its kind. Much like VOSS. If you want a good, high-quality sparkling water experience, I recommend that you stick with Perrier. But they do earn points for the awesome bottle.

Verdict: Meh. There are better competing products.