Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Hug

So now that I've had some time to get back into the swing of things this semester and figured out my school work routine, I'm starting the beverage review again. However, there will some minor changes. Well...the only change I can think of is that I'm not going to be using a numerical system of judgement anymore. I have subscribed myself to the viewpoint that there is no way to accurately assign an experience a numerical value, especially considering that such experiences are relative from person to person. So from now on my verdict will, much like Ebert and Roper before it, be based solely on varying levels of reccomendation. Anyway, onto business.

Remember the Little Hugs that you used to get as a kid? Well, much to the general public's ignorance, they do in fact make Big Hugs. If you enjoy chemical water as much as I do, this is a drink for you. Yeah, the flavoring is super cheap, but they are delicious, in my opinion. And they're cheap. Somewhere around fifty cents for the 16 ounce container shown above. Also, despite how sweet they taste, they are actually fairly low on sugar. The lemon-lime flavor (which tastes more like green than lemon-lime) only has 16 grams of sugar, which is not nearly as much as other mainstream soft drinks. Anyway, this drink is good, and it will bring you back to those hot summer days of pre-school snack time.

Verdict: Recommended.