Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liquid Ice

This is just another crappy energy drink. It tastes the same as the rest of them. Acidic, bitter yet overly sweet, grimy, and just bad overall. I think that this may be the last energy drink that I buy. I've never felt any sort of the "energy" that they supposedly confer upon people, and they do not taste good and are terrible for your health. Also, this twelve ounce can cost me $2.13. Aside from the few exceptions that I find at my local health food store, I think it's safe to say that energy drinks are done for me. They've been done pretty much since they became popular, but I think this one was the last straw.

Verdict: Not at all recommended  

Friday, August 27, 2010

Carlsberg Elephant

Carlsberg is a great beer. It's definitely one of my favorites. But I recently found Elephant in my local package store, and decided to give it a try. It is overall pretty similar to regular Carlsberg. The flavors are mostly the same, although the general taste is a little bit more pronounced and a little bit more crisp. I love the crispness of regular Carlsberg, so this is definitely a good thing. The only real problem with this beer is that now that I've had their premium, I may have a hard time buying regular (cheaper) Carlsberg now.

Verdict: Recommended

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Give Energy: Mojito Grapefruit

Aside from Bawls Guarana, this is the best energy drink that I have ever tasted. I typically hate energy drinks. They're gross to me. But this one is quite different. It did not have the sour taste and bitter aftertaste that most mainstream energy drinks do, and the mojito and grapefruit flavors were both well pronounced and evenly balanced. I want to try some of their other flavors. Also, it's all natural, so you can take comfort in knowing that you are not pumping your body full of disgusting chemicals.

Verdict: Recommended

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir

This is a great cheaper wine. I'll be honest, I bought this one solely based on the label. I love modern minimalist design, and this label really caught my eye. But it actually turned out to be a pretty good pinot noir. I am by no means a wine expert, but it's one of the better ones that I've had. It's pretty straightforward, but it's pretty high quality for the price range (around ten dollars), in my humble opinion. 

Verdict: Recommended

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I apologize for the late review, but I had an incident in the kitchen earlier that I had to take care of. 

CasCal is a weird, organic soda that I picked up today at my local health food store. It is definitely...a soda. It's not bad, by any means, I just don't think that I liked it. It's very light on the flavor, and very natural tasting, which I do like, but there was just something about this one that didn't quite sit right with me. This flavor (crisp white), consisted of pear, apricot, and magnolia flavorings, and I just don't think that they were a great combination. I felt like I should have been cooking with this, rather than drinking it. It's certainly bearable, but I'm going to have to go ahead and advise that you pass this one over.

Verdict: Not recommended

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Drinkable Reviews will be resuming its normal schedule starting next Tuesday. This summer has been absolutely crazy, and I appreciate the patience of those of you who stuck it out with me.

Updates to begin again next week.

Thanks for waiting.