Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fujian Rose Black Tea

This is the second of two delicious teas that I have randomly purchased from the Asian market as of late. I know I'm bound to break my lucky streak soon, but for now, this is a good tea. Some of you may be familiar with the taste of rose water (or just rose flavoring in general), and that is pretty much what this is. A standard black tea for the base, with an aromatic rose flavoring for...flavor. The rose actually tastes pretty strong, and was kind of an assault upon the senses throughout the first cup. However, upon trying the tea again, this time knowing what to expect, I found that I really like the taste of the beverage. After you grow accustomed to the taste, it ends up being kind of mellow. Definite, but mellow. It's not really that strong of a flavor; it's mainly just out of the ordinary. Much like the jasmine green tea that I recently reviewed, the aromatic flavoring of the tea has a very uplifting quality about it, which tends to leave me feeling rejuvenated and concentrated after I finish a cup. It's definitely a different tea experience than what many people are used to, but it is nonetheless an excellent investment.

Verdict: Recommended

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