Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Faygo Grape

I have been drinking Faygo's beverages since my sophomore year of high school, so I am no stranger to this brand. In fact, I am drinking a Faygo Cola as I write this. However, this past weekend marks the first time that I ever had their grape variety, and it was pretty good. If you've had Fanta Grape before, this is pretty similar. It has the same candy grape taste, but is not quite as sweet. I personally like candy grape flavor. I tend to prefer natural fruit flavors, but candy grape is good. So, I suppose that this is kind of a biased review, but I like the drink. It's sweet, but not too sweet, and the grape flavor is clear. Also, I like Faygo's bottle design. they're slightly shorter and fatter than other bottles, but they just feel good in your hand. It really feels like you've got something hefty when you hold it. Oh, and it's cheap.

Faygo also gets points for being the first thing that I've seen in a long time to just flat out state, "artificially flavored grape soda." They acknowledge the fact that everybody knows now that "naturally and artificially flavored" is essentially a lie at this point. 

Verdict: Recommended

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