Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Goya Ginger Beer

Goya Ginger Beer is quite a gingery experience. If you've had any of the more hardcore ginger ales, then you may know what this sort of thing tastes like. It's very spicy, as it is true ginger flavor, not the typical gingeresque flavor of other, more popular drinks. At first, the spiciness was a pretty big shock, and I had a hard time imagining myself finishing the beverage, or really drinking much more of it at all. But, I persisted, hoping that maybe I would acclimate to it, and, surprisingly, I did. After several excruciating swallows, the spiciness started to subside a bit. It was still very definite and hard to miss, but it didn't burn quite so much after a while. Now, I still did not finish the bottle, but I did drink a good bit of it. Part of my not finishing it was due to the fact that I accidentally passed out in my bed and took a four hour nap half way through the bottle, but I don't think that I would have finished the whole thing had I managed to stay awake. 

The drink is...very specific. It's definitely not going to appeal to a lot of people, as the hard spiciness is very unconventional and not something that most people seek from their beverage consumption experience, but I ended up enjoying what I did drink. I found that it also helps if you eat something (I just had some bread) with it to absorb some of the excess spice. I think that this was a one time thing for me, but I did enjoy what I had. 

Verdict: Overall, not recommended. But give it a try if you're feeling adventurous. You may be pleasantly surprised.


  1. it is excellent diluted with ice and tea ~green or black freshly brewed.

  2. Interesting. I'll have to give that a try. I've actually changed my mind about this drink since I first had it. The more I drank it, the more I started to like it. I'm thinking about re-reviewing it sometime soon.

  3. Combine Goya's ginger beer with Black Kraken rum for the perfect dark-'n-stormy!