Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Organic Yang-Mei Juice

This is yet another beverage that I picked up at my local Asian grocer. I saw it sitting on the shelf, and, I have to admit, the main reason that I bought it was the shape of the bottle. I wanted to try it, but the uniquely shaped bottle pretty much sealed the two and a half dollar deal. Unfortunately...the drink is not great. It is very, very organic. You can tell that there is nothing added to this drink whatsoever because it is insanely tart. Yang-mei must not be a very sweet fruit, because this juice was worse than cranberry juice on the dry-your-mouth-out-and-leave-you-more-thirsty scale. Beverages that I have to wash down with another beverage are...well, they're really kind of inefficient. I also did not really care for the taste of the juice all that much. It had kind of a weird, bitter aftertaste and was overall just not very tasty. However, I did end up drinking the whole thing. Somebody please explain that one to me. 

Verdict: Not Recommended. However, if you like things like cranberry juice, you'll probably find something to like here.

1 comment:

  1. go to south China during June and taste the real thing,
    it is the most delicious fruit on earth.
    They should not have any tart taste at all.
    They don't keep well, need to eat fresh from the tree
    just like lychee.