Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Me: Curious

True to its name, the packaging of this beverage did indeed pique my curiosity. I was strolling through Big Lots with some friends the other day and found these in the beverage aisle in four packs and picked up two of the several flavors that they had on offer (blueberry lime and dragonfruit blackberry). I have tried both of them now, and I have been impressed so far. Both of the flavor varieties taste very natural. Each flavor is recognizable and tastes like the actual fruit rather than the more common synthesized flavors. I particularly like the blueberry lime, as the lime taste is very much like actual lime. I absolutely love lime, and the combination with the blueberry was strange at first, but the flavors settled together well after the initial intrigue wore off. The drink also has just the right amount of carbonation for a juice-based beverage. I have found, in general, that medium-low carbonation is best for juices, as over-carbonation tends to negatively accentuate tartness.

On the subject of tartness, I will warn drinkers that both of the flavors that I've tried are what I would consider pretty tart. This is a good thing, so don't get me wrong. But it is very tart, so if tartness is not your thing, than I'd probably steer clear. Also, the drink is sweetened with pure fructose (a bit of a rarity these days), which does not bother me, but I know that some people are deathly afraid of it for some reason, so...fair warning. The ingredients list casts some doubt on what percentage of this beverage is actually natural, but the taste is fairly convincing, and a little bit of artificiality is honestly fine with me.

Overall, I think that this is a great beverage. I've really enjoyed my experience with it so far, but it is fairly different, and I can easily see this one not being a drink for everyone. I would definitely advise curious drink seekers to give it a try, though. There is a lot to like here.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Big Lots [Columbia, SC]
Size: 10.5 fl. oz. [311 mL]
Price: $2.00 [4 cans, discounted]

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