Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Energy

This was previously one of the few beverages from my local Earth Fare that I had not yet sampled, so on a recent trip to the beloved grocer I decided to finally pick one up. I've had fairly good luck with natural energy drinks so far, and even the bad ones have only been mildly offensive. But as soon as I popped this one open today, I could tell by the immediate aroma that this one was not a winner. The drink, for lack of a better description, smells like an energy drink. It has that chemical-ridden, acidic fragrance that so many energy drinks share, and the smell was so strong that I barely had to put my nose to it to register the odor.

After setting aside the hesitations caused by the horrid bouquet, the first drink revealed that this was not a beverage for me. It tastes like any other energy drink that you would find in a gas station refrigerator. More specifically, it tastes like Red Bull with cherry. The taurine is overwhelming and the beverage overall tastes like bitter citrus, although there is no citrus whatsoever in the ingredients. The drink did have a flavor somewhat reminiscent of birch beer lingering in the background, but in the face of the rest of the ingredients, it didn't really matter. I wish that I could recommend Blue Energy, but I unfortunately can't really find anything good about it to promote.

Now...if only I could figure out why I drank the whole can.

Verdict: Not Recommended?

Purchased: Earth Fare [Columbia, SC]
Size: 8.3 fl. oz. [246 mL]
Price: About $2.50

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