Tuesday, December 23, 2008


What is this? I went to purchase a delicious Pepsi-Cola today, and this is what I received:

What is going on? Why is this the new Pepsi logo? I don't like it. At all. It reeks of modernism. They have ruined what was one of the world's most recognizable corporate logos.

As a desperate gimmick, the size of the white...swoop in what I will inaccurately call the middle of the logo varies depending on which Pepsi product you are purchasing. According to rumors, Pepsi reps have stated that the white swoop is supposed to be a smile...


One thing about the new design that particularly bugs me is the vertical, all lower-case, product name. Why do all companies think that they have to follow Apple in the minimalist design philosophy? I don't understand it. It is only eye-catching if it is different from everything else surrounding it. BUT WHEN EVERYTHING IS MINIMALIST, IT JUST BLENDS IN! What about this do designers not understand? Ah!

One last thing that I find humorous. There are evidences that the higher-ups at PepsiCo could not in good conscience just throw out generations of tradition and just change the logo. If you look carefully enough at the horrible text on the front of the bottle, the horizontal line in the "e" is curved.

What does that look like? The original logo.

I dunno. I just hate modern design.

Anyway...I have a tea review for tomorrow.


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