Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blenheim Ginger Ale

Welcome to Drinkable Review! This is a beverage review blog! I drink a plethora of different things, and maintaining a blog to share my opinion of these things with the world is obviously the most logical way I can think of to spend my time. Each beverage I review will be judged on taste, aftertaste, consistency, and sustain (whether or not a beverage is good enough to comfortably finish an entire serving). I'm not going to assign myself a schedule, but I will say that every time I try a new drink, I will try to review it soon thereafter. I will try to keep updates regular, but seeing as I am a very busy engineering student, I can't make any promises. Anyway, with the introduction out of the way, on to the first beverage.

Blenheim's Ginger Ale. I hate to start the blog off with a negative review, but I did not like this very much. I am not a huge fan of "real" ginger ales. For those unfamiliar with what a real ginger ale is, it is an ale with a much stronger, spicier ginger taste. Vernor's is a good common example. Other ales such as Canada Dry are more "fake," as they are marketed to the more modern pallette, and are not nearly as spicy.

I love ginger. I just don't like beverages that make my throat burn. And that is exactly what this drink did. The taste of the ginger was delicious as it passed through my mouth, but immediately after, I felt the effects. By the end of the drink, my throat was in ruins. I managed to finish it because I was eating pizza along with it, and that alleviated some of the burn, but otherwise I probably would not have been able to stand it. As much as I want to like true ginger ale, I just can't.

Conclusion: 4/10.
Although the drink tastes good, it loses a lot of points in what I will consider the aftertaste area (due to the burning). It loses no points for consistency, but does lose points for sustain, as I normally could have never withstood an entire serving by itself. If you favor true ginger ales over weak ones, you would probably love this beverage. Otherwise, steer clear.

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