Friday, December 19, 2008

Alpine Spiced Cider

So today I have a warm beverage to review. This drink is actually a favorite of mine, and I've been drinking it for years now, especially around the holidays. In fact, I am currently scalding my mouth on some as I write this. Anyway, Alpine Spiced Cider mix is just what it sounds like: a spiced apple cider mix. They come in packets similar to hot chocolate in that you pour the powder in the mug, and then pour heated water on top of it and stir. And it is delicious.

For those of you familiar with fresh-squeezed apple cider, this obviously is no comparison. When I lived in Maryland, there was a cider mill not far from my house, and every year after the weather began to turn cold, my family would go up and watch the apples being crushed. We would usually come home with a gallon or two of the cider, and I have yet to find anything that even comes close to the taste. However, I think that it is ridiculous to even compare the drink in question with real cider, because it is not real cider and does not pretend to be.

Alpine Spiced Cider has an almost green apple candy taste to it. Almost. There are traces of artificiality in the flavor, but it tastes natural enough to ignore. The drink, as I've said, is delicious. Passing over the pallet, the drink tastes of baked apples. The aftertaste is clean, and leaves little trace that you are even drinking anything. However, the aftertaste tends to build, and by the end of a serving, it can sometimes leave stronger evidences. The powder mixes in cleanly, and leaves the drink with a consistency of plain hot water. The drink sustains itself very well, too, as I have never had trouble finishing an entire serving.

Conclusion: 9/10
I love this beverage. The warming sensation it provides is unmatched, and the flavor, although not entirely close to the near thing, is very satisfying. The drink holds up in all areas, but only receives a 9 because the flavor is very specific, and probably would not appeal to people who do not like apples.

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