Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Neuro Sun

To continue on with my reviews of Neuro products this week, today I will be discussing Neuro Sun. As I said in my previous review of Neuro Sonic, all of Neuro's drinks are very different, and each one has an intended nutritional purpose. Unlike Neuro Sonic, which was focused on boosting energy and cognitive ability, Neuro Sun is a very low calorie, non-carbonated beverage that is enriched with 250% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D. Rather than creating a sort of multi-supplement elixir like the Sonic, Neuro has decided to dedicate their Sun formula almost entirely to delivering large concentrations of one important vitamin. 

The taste of Neuro Sun is also very different from the Sonic. Although the intended flavors of Neuro's drinks are not stated on the bottle, it is fairly clear that Sun is intended to taste like a piƱa colada. The pineapple and coconut tastes fit well with the theme, as the resulting flavor is reminiscent of the sorts of frozen cocktails that are often offered at the beach during the summer. Neuro Sun is sweetened with a combination of crystalline fructose and sucralose, which is mild and pleasant on the tongue, but results in a somewhat dry aftertaste. The taste of the sucralose in particular is apparent in the flavor of the drink, but it is relatively slight and does not really interefere with the overall enjoyability. 

On the whole, I like Neuro Sun a good bit. I think that it would have been a bit more interesting if had it been carbonated like the Sonic, but that is a pretty minor complaint. I don't know that Sun is my favorite of the Neuro drinks that I have tried so far, but it is still a strong beverage in its own right. And besides, it just feels wrong to criticize a beverage that delivers so much Vitamin D and still manages to taste great in the process. This one is definitely worth picking up sometime.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Citgo service station [Greenwood, SC]
Size: 14.5 fl. oz. [430mL]
Price: $2.50

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