Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheribundi Ginger Cherry Juice

Cheribundi's Ginger Cherry is a truly satisfying beverage. While I did enjoy the other juices that were recently sent to me by Cheribundi, the Ginger Cherry juice is just the thing that was needed to officially bump Cheribundi onto my list of favorite beverage companies.

The ginger cherry flavor is the closest thing to a perfect juice that I have had in the past few months. As with all of Cheribundi's other products, the ginger cherry's list of ingredients is refreshingly short: tart cherry juice, apple juice (from concentrate), ginger juice (ginger root, water), and natural flavor. And once more, this fresh and simple approach really shows through in the taste. The flavor is just right: a perfect combination of the tartness of fresh cherries and the aromatic bite of ginger. Many drinks that utilize natural ginger are often at least a bit overpowered by the strength of the root, which is fine if you like ginger. But if you are not a serious ginger fan, these drinks can easily be much too strong to enjoy. Cheribundi's Ginger Cherry, however, avoids these pitfalls entirely. The ginger is strong enough to be present and readily identifiable, but it does not overpower the other flavors in the slightest. The amount of ginger used in the drink works very well with the base of cherry and apple juices and creates an incredibly interesting and satisfying flavor that is tart, dry, sweet, and refreshing all at the same time. Cheribundi's specific combination of the cherry tartness on the tongue and the earthy ginger aroma on the palette is a tasty and unique sensation that I have never really experienced from a pre-packaged beverage before, and it is an experience that I hope to continue to have many more times in the future. 

While I personally enjoy ginger very much, it is exceedingly rare that I find a drink with a strong, natural ginger taste that I feel comfortable recommending to others without the added caveat of "but you have to like ginger." Cheribundi's Ginger Cherry juice may be the first all-natural ginger drink that I have tasted so far to earn such an unabashed recommendation, and I think that the value of that should largely speak for itself. Everyone should try this drink.    

Verdict: Highly recommended

Samples sent courtesy of CHERRYPHARM, Inc.
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