Friday, March 30, 2012

Lehar Evervess

When I picked this drink up during a recent trip to a favorite Indian grocery store of mine, I wasn't really intending on reviewing it. The ingredients are comprised of only carbonated water and salt, making this seem like nothing more than a simple club soda. However, after giving it a try a few days ago, I think that even thought it is just carbonated water, it is still worth mentioning.

I actually really like plain carbonated water, so I don't mean to sound like it isn't worth talking about. In fact, to this day, I still consider Source Perrier to be my all-time favorite beverage. It's just something that I can always drink. I have never not been in the mood for a Perrier. However, although I do drink a lot of soda water, I generally don't talk about them here because there's usually just not enough to say that would differentiate potential reviews from each other. But I was surprised to find out that that's not the case with Lehar Evervess. There is nothing particularly shocking about Lehar; as I said before, it's just unflavored, carbonated water. But what really sets it apart is just how carbonated it is. This is probably one of the fizziest drinks that I have ever had in my life, which I actually found to be pretty exciting. I really like high carbonation, and it's kind of rare that you find something that has this much bite. At times, it almost felt like there were more bubbles in the bottle than there was liquid, and I found the sensation to be exceptionally refreshing. 

I hate to say it, but I think that Perrier may have a severe competitor in Lehar Evervess. Or at least, it would, if only Lehar Evervess was more readily available. If you can track one of these down, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Purchased: Spices of India [Columbia, SC]
Size: 10.6 fl oz [300mL]
Price: $0.99

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