Friday, February 10, 2012

Bolthouse Farms: Vanilla Chai Tea

It is not very often that I see a drink sitting on the shelf and I confidently think to myself, "Yes, I know exactly what that is going to taste like." And it is even less common that I am completely correct, so it always a fun moment when a drink exactly matches the "taste image" that I had had in my head. Although I have seen Bolthouse Farms products all over the place, I had never actually had one until I picked up the Vanilla Chai Tea a few days ago. When I was trying to decide on which flavor to try first, something about the vanilla chai tea option just jumped out at me. Almost as though my subconscious was saying, "you know exactly what that is going to taste like, and you really want that taste right now." 

And my subconscious was right. There were no surprises about the taste of this drink, but it was an intensely satisfying beverage that I have been craving for days since I had it. As one would expect, it tastes like a spiced chai tea with hints of vanilla, but it is thicker than just a regular tea, due to the inclusion of soy milk in the drink. Each vanilla chai tea also contains 17 grams of protein (from the soy), which is a fairly significant amount, especially for a 15.2 ounce serving of something that tastes as good as this does. The drink is a bit on the thick side, as soy milk is naturally thicker than regular dairy milk. However, the viscosity was only really bothersome at the very end of the drink, making the mid-range serving size a great design choice. Overall, this is a great beverage from Bolthouse Farms, and I can't wait to try some of their other flavors.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Bi-Lo [Greenwood, SC] 
Size: 15.2 fl. oz. [450mL]
Price: $2.69


  1. Did you shake it? I tried it 2 days ago and about 1/2 through I realized i was supposed to shake it.

  2. I did shake it. Although, I feel like this particular flavor is so thick that shaking it as not as necessary as it is with some of the other varieties.