Friday, January 27, 2012

Gevalia Kaffe

I am very excited about today's post, as it marks the first coffee review ever on Drinkable Review. I typically don't drink very much coffee (particularly in large quantities) because it tends to give me indigestion, but I do love the stuff, and I often find myself wishing that I could drink more than ten ounces of it at a time. Kraft Foods recently sent me this sample of the newly released Gevalia, and I think that it is a wonderful place to start off a line of occasional coffee reviews.

Now, it is important to note here that "newly released" only applies to the U.S. retail market. Previously, Gevalia was only available online to customers in the states, but Kraft Foods has recently begun selling this Swedish favorite in retail stores across the U.S. That is not, however, to suggest that Gevalia is a "new" product, as the company actually has a fair bit of history behind it. Gevalia was founded as a Swedish trading company by Victor Theodore Engwall in 1853. Engwall's high quality coffee imports eventually secured the company a position as an official coffee purveyor of the Swedish Royal Court, and business has been booming ever since. To this day, over 150 years since the company was founded, Gevalia is still the highest selling coffee in Sweden.

As I said above, I am not a huge coffee drinker. But this is purely a technical issue; a mere limitation of my unfortunate biological intolerance of the substance. I can handle coffee in small amounts, and I still like to partake whenever I can, regardless of the frequently undesirable effects on my stomach after the fact. It is one of those things that is just too good not to drink. And if there has ever been a prime example of the beverage that incites my reasonability to throw caution to the wind, it is Gevalia. This may honestly be the best coffee that I have ever had. It has a prominent, aromatic, and full-bodied flavor, with a balanced and pleasing mouthtaste and a smooth finish. The aftertaste remains present on the palate for some time after drinking (as is expected with most coffees), but it is not overbearing in the slightest, and I actually found the lingering aroma to be quite enjoyable.  

Gevalia's traditional roast sits in a perfect middle ground of my personal coffee tastes. It is strong and flavorful without being overly bitter or offensive to the palate, and manages to retain a calm and consistent taste throughout the experience. This is a coffee that has clearly withstood the tests of time, and has reached a level of maturity that many modern beverages have yet to touch. I generally try to avoid personifying the beverages that I drink, but Gevalia just feels like one of those drinks that knows who/what it is and is comfortable with its identity. This attitude really shows through in the taste, making this one of the most well-balanced and tasty coffees that I have had in the past several years. I highly recommend Gevalia Kaffe to those looking for a great new coffee to try, as well as those who may be new to coffee and are looking for a good entry point to an often overwhelming market. Definitely check this one out.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Sample sent courtesy of Kraft Foods.

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