Friday, January 6, 2012

Argo Tea: Mojitea

Argo Tea’s Mojitea is a very interesting beverage. The ingredients list only consists of five simple and all-natural ingredients, and yet there is a lot going on here with the flavor, thus reflecting the slogan at the bottom of the bottle: "tea + ingredients with purpose." This is essentially just a simple mint tea with lime juice and cane sugar, but the resulting flavor is surprisingly complex. The mint and lime tastes are both strong and prominent, and yet neither one overpowers the other. Instead, they combine to create a new, singular flavor that has the aromatic bitterness of mint, the sourness of lime, and the mellow aftertaste of lighter teas. Overall, the flavor is a bit hard to describe on its own merit, but if you are familiar with the mint-lime combination of most mojito flavored things, you can probably imagine this one fairly well.

I also really, really like Argo Tea's container. The bottle is made of light but sturdy glass, and is tapered in the middle to feel great in the hand. The label is printed on a sheet of plastic around the bottle, allowing it to be completely ripped off, and the bottle sports an orifice wide enough for ice cubes. The lid is also made of a relatively sturdy plastic that is designed to screw on either perfectly or not at all. It's clear that Argo Tea has designed their bottle with direct consumer reuse in mind, which is something that I always respect in a company. I know I'll be using mine for homemade juices in the future. And on top of all that, the drink is still relatively inexpensive. I can't yet speak for the other flavors, but so far I can safely say that Argo Tea products are definitely recommended.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Purchased: Whole Foods [Greenville, SC]
Size: 13.5 fl. oz. [400mL]
Price: $2.99 


  1. Thank you for your review!

  2. We just got it here in the California Whole Foods stores. YUM!

  3. I had the Charitea at Wow Bao in Chicago today. $2.39/ bottle. Great stuff.