Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zico 100% Pure Coconut Water

This is coconut water. And they're not joking. It's pretty bad. It's salty going in and has the vague hint of baby powder in the aftertaste. I bought this at GNC because the packaging caught my eye and I thought it sounded interesting. It's intended for runners, as it is supposed to offer more immediate hydration than water, but I don't know if putting up with the taste would be worth it. And the lima-citron flavoring only makes things worse. It was like a cheap attempt to mask the very harsh taste of the coconut fluid, and only resulted in adding insult to injury. Unless you are a hardcore runner desperately looking for something for rapid hydration (it was fairly successful on that front), definitely pass this one up.

Verdict: Not recommended


  1. I cannot believe there is a person in this world who has the nerve to call ZICO coconut water. They obviously have no clue as to what Coconut water is supposed to taste like. I am from Mexico and i drink coconut water on a daily basis and trust me it tastes nothing like ZICO. Try Vita Coco for a more realistic experience.

  2. Thank you for your input! I will certainly keep an eye out. I would love to try one that is actually good, because this one certainly left a bad impression.

    But I will definitely give it a try if I can track one down.