Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A change of pace

I'm starting something new with this blog today. In addition to my regularly scheduled reviews, I am also going to start including "miscellaneous" posts througout the week of things that I drink that aren't necessarily procurable by the general public. The posts will include a picture of the drink (if I was able to take one), as well as a quick blurb about my thoughts about it or what I was doing when I drank it or what have you. I don't see much point in "reviewing" the drinks per se, as most readers may not be able to go out and try it for themselves for one reason or another (region, limited time, one-time occurance, etc.), so these posts will be more just a diary of interesting beverage stories. Today marks the first such post (unfortunately in place of the regular review):

Raspberry Tea

I bought this tea today at my school's farmer's market (held every Tuesday until 2pm). There was a stand selling jugs of locally made peach cider, but they were also selling cups of raspberry tea for a dollar on the side. I couldn't resist and bought one, sipping it as I sat in front of the school's coffee shop and conversing with a friend. It was so tasty, but made me a bit sad that the refreshing drinks of the summer are going to vanish for a while.

Oh well. Bring on the hot stuff.

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