Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dr. Enuf

Dr. Enuf is kind of a rarity these days. So far, I have only really found it in one gas station near my house in South Carolina, and I've only seen it a few times outside of that. This is a fact which deeply saddens me, as Dr. Enuf is a delicious and unique beverage, and I wish that more people could enjoy it as I do. Dr. Enuf markets itself as a "vitamin enriched soda." It's closest comparison flavor is probably lemon-lime, but that's not really a good comparison. It tastes kind of like those Flintstones vitamins that everybody took as a kid. At first, that sounds appalling. Flintstones vitamins were not necessarily bad, but they were very strong, and would not make for a very good beverage. However, one must keep in mind that Dr. Enuf has a vitaminy flavor equivalent to a 16 ounce glass of soda water into which you drop a single Flintstones vitamin that is allowed to completely dissolve. It's got a definite, but not overpowering taste, and the aftertaste is about as you would expect it to be, based on my description of the flavor. I've personally never had a problem drinking a whole serving of this. I love it, and every time I get one, it is usually gone within a matter of minutes. I know it sounds like a weird one, but give it a shot if you ever run across it. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Verdict: Recommended.


  1. Im going to Johnson City, TN for a wedding and I hear that is where Dr. Enuf is bottled. Definitely going to try to find a bottle there.

  2. Dr Enuf is habit forming .I live near Johnson City ,Tn. and I go through about two cases of 10 oz drinks a week . I love it