Monday, April 27, 2009

Red Bull Cola

I do not like teh Red Bulls. I think that it is a rancid, overly acidic, mouth-parching, sickening excuse for a beverage. I could not even finish the first and only eight ounce serving that I purchased last year. So I don't know what inspired me to purchase this Red Bull brand Cola today, but...I did. And it was delicious. The first drink was amazing. It has probably the strongest, most pure Cola taste of any common Cola. It was delicious, that is, until the aftertaste kicked in. The aftertaste here was an absolute deal breaker. It was disgusting. A few seconds after I had finished the first drink, a bitter, revolting aftertaste arose from the depths of my throat and seized every active section of my olfactory system. It was gross. The drink gets points for taste, but loses major major points on aftertaste. There is no reprieve. I could say that this drink sustains well and that I had no trouble finishing it, but the only reason that that would be true is because I was constantly taking drinks to delay the horrible aftertaste that I knew was just ready to pounce. This drink it bad. I think it is safe to say that I will not be trying another Red Bull product in the future.

Verdict: Not recommended

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