Sunday, September 16, 2012

Uvé Gourmet Weight Loss Beverage

It is not often that I review anything having to do with weight loss. In fact, I think that today marks the first time that I have reviewed any drink that has weight loss as its primary function, so I am glad to say that I will be starting off with a good one. Uvé (pronounced oo-vāy) is a gourmet weight loss beverage that capitalizes on a relatively new weight loss supplement by the scientific name of irvingia gabonensis.

More commonly referred in its commercially available dietary supplement form of Welltrim®iG (or IGOB131®), irvingia gabonensis is an all-natural weight loss supplement that is derived from the fruit of an African tree of the same name. The fruit is a specific type of mango native to certain regions in Africa, and it has been shown in small, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to result in greater weight loss in human test subjects. I, of course, say "greater" to imply that irvingia gabonensis has not been shown to cause weight loss, as no nutritional supplement truly causes healthy weight loss without additional physical and dietary contribution from the user. When consuming 150mg of irvingia gabonensis twice daily, test subjects demonstrated an increased rate of weight loss over those who were given the control placebo. Although the tests performed so far have been small, and larger tests must be performed before the effects can be considered fully conclusive, the results shown in the limited tests have been promising so far.

Uve gourmet weight loss beverage contains one of the two daily servings of Weltrim®iG (150mg per 12 fl. oz. bottle) needed to fully "activate" the benefits. But this is only one of the ingredients in Uve's weight loss concoction. In addition to each serving of Welltrim®iG, Lifestyle Brands has also thrown into the mix a healthy dose of Capros® Indian gooseberry extract (a patented superfruit antioxidant supplement), ChromeMate® (a supplement that controls blood-sugar levels and helps metabolize fats and carbohydrates), and L-Carnitine (aids in the breakdown of fatty lipids to generate energy) to further aid in the weight loss process. Lifestyle Brands recommends that you drink one bottle of Uvé twice daily for optimum results. Since weight loss takes time and I was only sent three bottles of Uvé, I cannot speak directly to the drink's efficacy, but I can say that I have a hard time imagining this not helping someone with an already proactive attitutude towards weight loss and exercise.

That of which I can speak, however, is the taste. Uvé has done a pretty good job of following through on the "gourmet" side of "gourmet weight loss." Each of the three flavors of Uvé that I was sent was tasty and flavorful in its own right, although in very different ways. The black cherry lemonade was light and crisp like an icy popsicle. The apple pomegranate was an interesting flavor combination that encouraged me to finish the entire bottle rather quickly, despite being just a bit on the syrupy side. And finally, the vaguely titled "superfruit" flavor was fruity and refreshing without being overladen with the typical tart flavor of most common superfruits. Uvé contains only all-natural flavors and sweeteners (a mixture of crystalline fructose and stevia), which keeps the drink low-calorie and non-threatening to your diet. Each of the three flavors made me feel like this is a dietary aid that you will actually enjoy drinking on a regular basis, which is more than can be said for a lot of nutritional supplements.

As I have said, I can not attest directly to Uvé's weight loss functionality, which I suppose is a bit of a shame given the drink's focus on its functionality. Regardless, I do feel comfortable in recommending it to those who are looking for an enjoyable weight loss beverage. It manages to carry a large quantity of [mostly] proven weight loss aids while still tasting great, and if you are in the market for a new and encouraging way to get your daily diet supplements, Uvé is undoubtedly worth a closer look.

Verdict: Recommended

Samples sent courtesy of Lifestyle Brands International

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