Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick update

I had scheduled a review of this beverage for today, but I'm afraid that I have yet to finish it. I've been busy with work and a few other things this week, and I have only managed to get about halfway through the review. I want to be sure to give plenty of time to review, because I think that there are some interesting points to be made about the drink, and anything that I would put out tonight would just be a rushed job purely in the interest of posting on schedule. So, I am going to move my review of Better Life Beverages's Relax & Sleep to Saturday afternoon. Be sure to check back then for this week's update.

In the meantime, however, please feel free to go read the first section of a two part article about hosting a wine tasting that I wrote for work today. It's mainly geared towards bar and restaurant owners who want to start hosting wine tastings through their establishment, but the information may still prove to be generally relevant for those who are interested in wine.

See you back here on Saturday, and please do enjoy the rest of your week.

- Hayden

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