Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dr. Pepper (Glass bottle, natural sugar)

I have never been a huge fan of Dr. Pepper. It's certainly not a bad drink, but there has just always been something about the flavor that gets tiresome pretty quickly for me. Even so, I was pretty excited when a favorite lunch time cafe of mine began carrying these old-school Dr. Peppers. 

From my observations, glass bottles have been seeing somewhat of a resurgence in popularity lately. Just a few years ago, convienience stores and gas stations that carried glass bottle sodas were few and far between. Now, it is almost difficult to find one that doesn't offer at least a few choice sodas packaged in glass. However, one soda that I have found to be conspicuously absent from all of these store shelves is Dr. Pepper. It is possible to occasionally find a Dr. Pepper in glass, but the ones that I have found so far have simply been the HFCS-sweetened formula simply repackaged into a different container. This was the first glass Dr. Pepper with natural sugar that I had ever seen, and I was definitely excited to give it a try.

I want to start off my thoughts on the drink by saying this: the drink is good. This is not a bad drink. I just don't really like Dr. Pepper. It is very similar in taste to the regular formula, but as with most other drinks containing natural sugar, this one has a drier taste than its more conventional counterpart. I do like it better than regular Dr. Pepper, but I still found myself having a hard time finishing this one. That, however, is due entirely to my personal disinclination towards the beverage. If you like Dr. Pepper, this is definitely one to try out. If you ever come across one, that is.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Jasmine Cafe [Columbia, SC]
Size: 12 fl. oz. [355 mL]
Price: $1.95

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