Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juicy Juice Sparkling Orange

Growing up as a child of the 1990's, I have a lot of fond memories of Juicy Juice. Juicy Juice was the thing to have when we were kids, and the company's pastel hued juice boxes were unarguably one of the best brands to find in one's lunchbox. From its relatively high lunch table trade value to its unrelenting support of the PBS Kids television network to its eternally catchy slogan - "Juicy Juice: 100% juice for 100% kids" - Juicy Juice was a mainstay in many of our pre-millennium childhood memories. I often find myself passing by these cherished boxes in various grocery stores and wishing that it was more socially acceptable for me to still purchase (and love) the things, but I usually just end up somberly resigning myself to spending my money on more "mature" beverages.

If any of you resonate with this feeling, then I have good news! Juicy Juice has recently released a new line of sparkling fruit beverages marketed to the general masses (not just children), and it's pretty great. I came across these during a trip to a local Wal-Mart, and quickly snatched them off of the shelf in a fit of what felt at the time like supreme victory.

Juicy Juice sparkling orange is a pretty tasty beverage. As always with Juicy Juice, sparkling orange is made with 100% natural orange juice with no added sugar. The orange taste is, as you would expect, very natural, although a bit dilute due to the addition of the carbonated water. This is a good thing, though, as the drink is more light and refreshing than a "proper" orange juice, and it is much easier to drink during times when a full-on orange juice is either too thick or is otherwise inappropriate (such as with certain types of food or on an empty stomach). Juicy Juice's sparkling orange does not contain pulp, and is a smooth and flavorful experience all the way to the end of the can.

Now, all that being said, there is nothing phenomenal about Juicy Juice sparkling orange. I have had things very similar to it before, and there is nothing in particular about Juicy Juice's product that makes it stand out against the rest. However, for me, there is some worth in being able to enjoy a childhood brand again without feeling like I am having a quarter-life crisis, and as a result I definitely seat Juicy Juice sparkling juice beverages with a solid recommendation. Those of you who remember growing up with Juicy Juice will likely find a lot to enjoy here, and I doubt that anyone else would take issue with the beverage. If you go in without ridiculous expectations for the drink, you are likely to be very satisfied by its refreshing simplicity.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Wal-Mart [Greenwood, SC]
Size: 8.4 fl. oz.
Price: $2.99 [4 pack]

Juicy Juice sparkling juice beverage is also available in apple and berry flavors.

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