Friday, May 27, 2011


Relaxation beverages seem to be quickly becoming the new "next big thing" in the beverage industry. Much like with the energy drink craze before it, the market for relaxation beverages has emerged rapidly from what seemed like little more than a novelty idea not much more than a year ago. Although market saturation is always a potential concern with any popular trend, relaxation beverages are still in the fun and interesting stage for the time being, with Zenify standing out as an exemplary and unique fore-runner in this new industry phenomenon.

Unlike other bevereages of its type, Zenify is not intended to simply relax the consumer. Touted as the "live stress free drink," Zenify focuses on calming the user to allow for stronger concentration and focus rather than "relaxing" the user, per se. Several of the relaxation beverages that I have had so far contain additives such as valerian root extract and melatonin, both of which are intended to invoke a very sleepy state of relaxation and are often used as medicinal sleeping aids. Zenify, on the other hand, primarily uses L-theanine and gaba, both of which are intended to calm the consumer while simultaneously promoting a sense of increased focus and concentration. While other relaxation beverages are supposed to help you really relax, Zenify is instead intended to be more of a mind-clearing agent that allows the user to better take advantage of the energy that is already present in his or her system. 

My biggest concern about Zenify before I had a chance to try it was the fact that it is sweented with Reb A (a stevia-based sweetener). I really don't like stevia very much at all, and I was scared that the stevia taste would spoil the rest of it for me. However, upon tasting it, I realized that this was not going to be a problem. The stevia flavor taste is not very pronounced, and it often took some effort to even track down the flavor in the first place. The overall flavor of the drink is along the same lines as the ambiguous citrus flavor of many commercial energy drinks, and leaves you with much of the same dry, almost bitter aftertaste. However, the taste of Zenify is less offensive somehow. It just seems more mild overall, and is a lot easier to palette than many of the other, similarly-flavored beverages that can currently be found on the mainstream market. The enjoyably light "energy drink taste" ironically puts many of the more conventional energy drinks to shame in the flavor department. Also, to set the beverage even further apart from its competitors, Zenify is also fairly low on sugars and only contains about 13 grams per 12 fl. oz. serving, which is almost always a good thing.

Aside from the satisfyingly strong level of carbonation, Zenify tastes somewhat like a mild citrus juice. A single serving of 1 can is very easy to drink, and aside from the small complaint about the dry aftertaste, the flavor is crisp and enticing and I have had no problem finishing each can that I've opened. As far as the focus and concentration elements of the formula go, I'm not sure that I can accurately speak to its effectiveness. Energy drinks have never seemed to affect me very much, and I thought that trying to gage the effectiveness of Zenify's supplemental elements would probably not be fair. The calming side of the beverage does work however, and I can feel myself become somewhat less worried about the remainder of the day ahead of me after sneaking in a Zenify in the afternoon. I don't necessarily feel more focused, but I do experience the promoted calming sensation. I feel like Zenify offers me just the right level of calm without making me tired, which can sometimes be a delicate balance, particularly later in the day.

Overall, Zenify tastes good, works pretty well, and is an all-natural and fairly guilt free (low calorie; low sugar) supplement for helping oneself to help manage his or her stress. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Zenify on store shevles in the future 

Verdict: Recommended

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Size:12 fl. oz. [355 mL]
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  1. Fairy low sugar @ 13 grams? No, that's a LOT of sugar.

  2. Well, yeah, it's not the lowest sugar content ever. But compared to most mainstream soft drinks that have upwards of 80 grams of sugar per 20 ounce bottle (and let's be real here, most people usually drink the whole thing in one go), 13 grams per serving is a fairly low concentration.

  3. What is important to note about Zenify, is it's blend of natural ingredients that work synergistically to produce that calm, focused and relaxed state of being. The producers did not simply throw together some trendy ingredients that they did not throughly research and ultimately know would complement each other. This drink is super delicious! I fully expect more great drinks from the creative producers of Zenify.

  4. Great drink !!! I have anxiety issues and this drink has helped a great deal with that

  5. GABA, for the most part, doesn't cross the blood-brain barrier, so that's out...the calming effects you're feeling mainly stem from the theanine and maybe the glycine - to a much lesser extent.
    I still like the drink and think it works pretty well.

  6. My clients like it" they drink it before they get a massage and it works like a charm.... puts them right

  7. We sell it in our store. I love it myself. A customer bought 3 cans & I had asked him how he liked it... he offered me 1 of his cans. I said no I will be buying 1. I did ... I then bought a whole case! My fellow employees love it too. Has a fresca like taste.