Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ambro Relax

I recently received a sample case of Ambro Relax, a new relaxation beverage from Ambrosia Beverage. "Relaxation beverages" are a fairly new phenomenon in the beverage industry, and are specifically intended to do the opposite of the all-too-common energy drink: relax the consumer. I have not tried many of these beverages yet, but Ambro Relax stands out as not only exemplary of this new industry segment, but also as a delicious beverage in and of itself.

Released in 2010 by the Ambrosia Beverage group, Ambro Relax is a naturally flavored, carbonated relaxation drink intended to, as one would expect, calm and relax the user rather than pump him or her full of stimulating chemicals. Ambro Relax is strawberry-mango flavored, which is an interesting and unique combination. I don't think that I've ever had strawberry and mango together before, and I must say that I really like the resulting taste. The strawberry is a good bit more prominent, but the mango is definitely still there to add an interesting background taste. The flavors work well together and are well balanced, with neither element overwhelming the other. 

The relaxation supplements are mostly natural and include things such as passionflower and valerian extract, as well as a tiny amount of melatonin (only 2.5 mg per serving). The supplements barely affect the taste of the beverage, and are not very noticeable amongst the natural fruit flavorings of the drink. The primary taste that stuck out to me was the little bit of sucralose that is included in the sweetening. Ambro Relax is sweetened with a combination of sugar and sucralose (presumably to maintain a low sugar content), and while the taste of the artificial sweetener is noticeable, it is easy to overlook and does not harm the overall taste of the beverage. As an added note, I also really like the color scheme and design layout of the packaging. The can design is sleek and eye-catching, and the very minimalist "solid-color" approach of the graphic is indicative of the beverage's relaxing nature.

As far as relaxation is concerned, my experience with the results was subtle. I do feel more relaxed after drinking an Ambro Relax, but it is not an overwhelming or sleep-inducing relaxation. Luckily, causing relaxation levels on the magnitude of exhaustion is not the intention of Ambro Relax, and I would say that it serves its purpose quite well. I just feel better after drinking an Ambro Relax. I feel less stressed and more easy-going and just less heavy overall, which is always a welcome feeling, especially under the constant rigors of what are now the final phases of my engineering curriculum. I wouldn't recommend using Ambro Relax when one is on a deadline or does not necessarily need to be "relaxed," but I would easily recommend it to people to try out during their down time or when they need to "destress" after a period of excitement.

I really like Ambro Relax. This is definitely one to keep an eye out for in the future.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Purchased: Sent to me by Ambrosia Beverage group
Size: 8.4 fl. oz. [250mL]
Price: Approximately $2.00 per can

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