Friday, February 4, 2011

Jim Beam pre-mixed cocktails

I have been wanting to try one of these things for a while, but have passed up every time so far for some reason. They're not very expensive, but I suppose that by the time I finish shopping I usually just don't want to add anything else to the bill during my occasional trips to the liquor store. I finally broke down and bought the ginger ale version about two weeks ago now, and went back to try the cola shortly thereafter. Aside from the difference in soda, the two drinks are exactly similar in construction. They are both 5% alcohol by volume, which gives the whiskey a less pronounced "in-the-background" taste. I do not mind the taste of whiskey at all; in fact, I enjoy it very much. But for an inexpensive pre-mixed drink that comes in a can, the more subtle taste is perfect.

Personally, I feel that beverges that hiss when they are opened should be considered more casual drinks and should, in general, not take themselves too seriously. Jim Beam seems to understand this mentality, and does not try to market this product as some sort of "supremely exquisite whiskey elixir" like many companies would. Rather, the label is direct and simple and tells you exactly what is in the can: a bit of whiskey and a bit of cola. The balance is perfect, as well. While the whiskey taste is not as powerful as a typical cocktail, it is distinct and definitely not difficult to pick up. Although both varieties are wonderful, I did like the ginger ale better, as I feel that ginger ale generally compliments whiskey better than cola. Although I couldn't help but think that adding about three drops of bitters to the cola version would have made it spectacular. Maybe I'll try that next time.

Verdict: Recommended

Purchased: Greene's Discount Beverages
Size: 355 mL
Price: $1.99

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