Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twinnings Green Tea with Mint

I love mint. So, naturally, when I found this tea on sale for a dollar, I was pretty excited. I grabbed it up, took it home, and made a cup that very night to discover that I...only marginally liked this one. It is certainly not a bad tea, but the combination of mint and grean tea was unexpectedly odd, and left a dryness in my mouth after drinking it. It is possible that this is a tea that should not be oversteeped (I tend to like my teas fairly strong), and following the directions properly may help a bit with the dryness, but the overall flavor is just kind of strange. I can't really put my finger on why, though. It just seems like green tea and mint are not supposed to go together. The flavors are not complimentary enough to work well together, and they don't contrast enough to make the drink interesting or give it a unique flavor. The end result is really just kind of bland, and I think that I'd just rather drink plain green tea if given the option. But again, the tea is not bad, per se. Just neither interesting nor noteworthy.

Verdict: Worth a try 

Purchased: Big Lots [Greenwood, SC]
Size: 10 bags
Price: $1.00 [discounted]

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