Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stash Earl Grey Black and Green Tea

This is easily one of my new favorite teas. I was hesitant to try it at first, as black and green tea seem rather antithetical upon initial reasoning, but it was inexpensive enough that my intrigue won me over and I brought home a box. Any doubts about the beverage that I had at first were abolished before the tea even hit my mouth. The first bag that I prepared was an absolute delight, and filled the air around it with the characteristic aroma of the bitter citrus of Earl Grey tea, but there was something more to it: something almost peppery. This peppery aroma was only made better by the delicious taste of the tea. It is smooth yet distinct, and has a strong, unique flavor that is hard to quantify precisely in words. The citrus mixes well with the green tea (much better than I thought that it would), and the green-black mixture makes for a much more mellow end result than the typical Earl Grey. It is a delicious blend of flavors, and I have gone through almost all of this box over the course of about a week, which, considering how little I have been in my apartment lately and the preparation time involved in a cup of tea, is really saying something. Definitely give this one a try.

Verdict: Highly recommended

Purchased: Earth Fare [Columbia, SC]
Size: --
Price: $2.99 (18 bags)

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