Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fluid Mechanics

I had an interesting experience with some sweet tea today at lunch. Although I am not a native southerner (or any sort of southerner, really), I do enjoy a glass of sweet tea from time to time. I typically prefer my tea hot and in a cup with a handle, but iced tea is a nice treat from time to time. Unfortunately, around here, sweet tea is more sweet than it is tea, and for someone who tries to consume minimal amounts of sugar, it can be tough to truly enjoy.

The school cafeteria here at USC is no exception. The sweet tea is essentially cold molten sugar, and it can be difficult for me to make it through an entire cup. So, typically what I do is concoct what my mother and I have affectionately dubbed "half and half." It's simply half sweet tea and half unsweetened tea.

Today, however, the two teas apparently did not mix well, so after my meal when I went to consume my beverage, there were pockets and layers of sweetness, rather than one dilute sweetness. In addition to that, I did not use enough ice, and there were pockets of warm tea surrounded by chilled liquid. I noticed this immediately, but decided not to mix the tea, as the constantly shifting fluid flowing across my tongue was intensely interesting.

I'm going to try to do it again tomorrow.

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