Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unidentified Tea Beverage

So I picked this up at an Asian market in Greenville, and I unfortunately have no idea what it's called. It is delicious, though. From what I can tell based on the taste and the pictures on the back of the bottle, it is a lemon mint green tea. It is quite good. It's very smooth, just the right sweetness, and tastes like natural green tea. I don't know what is wrong with American bottled tea, but it's all gross. I guess it's because they use instant tea. I don't know. But, anyway, this is a great drink. I wish that I had more to say about it, but seeing as I can't even give the name of it, it's hard to discuss.

But, if you're ever in an Asian market and see this sitting on the shelf, you should totally try one out.

Verdict: Recommended

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