Friday, May 14, 2010

Metromint: Lemonmint Water

I've been drinking Metromint for a while now (several years), and am just now getting around to writing a review of one of their flavors, but let me say this: Metromint is one of my favorite beverages. I honestly feel that the only thing higher on the list is Perrier. 

Anyway, about the beverage. Metromint is a simple drink, as it is just water and mint. The ingredients for the lemonmint variety, for example, are: purified water, lemon essence, and mint. Simple as that. Now, I am a huge fan of using natural ingredients in beverages (I think that they almost universally taste better that way), so this is a big positive for me. 

Lemonmint is probably my favorite of the Metromint varieties, as I love both lemon and spearmint, and they have mixed the two perfectly. Neither flavor overtakes the other, and they mingle together in a harmony that can only be described as superb. The beverage is outstandingly refreshing (such is usually the case with water), and is best served at the lowest possible temperature that you can manage while still retaining its liquid form.

Metromint can typically be found in most health/organic food stores. All of the flavors are excellent, but if you can only try one, I recommend the lemonmint as a good starting point.

Verdict: Highly recommended

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