Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sac Sac Grape

I picked this little wonder up at my local Asian grocer, and let me tell you, it was quite an experience. Allow me to weave you a tale of madness. I popped it open not long after purchasing it, looked inside and noticed the pale white grape color of the fluid, and began to drink. At first, it just tasted like pretty straightforward grape juice. Very grapey. But then things took a drastic turn. For those of you unfamiliar with Asian juices, they oftentimes contain small chunks of the fruit from which they originate. One of these chunks unexpectedly crossed into my mouth, but I welcomed it. It's an odd sensation at first, but after a few drinks of this nature, it becomes a kind of natural expectation. Anyway, I just assumed that there were chunks of grapes in my drink, and continued to consume the product. Upon the next sip, however, the can became clogged with what I thought was a clump of grape chunks, so, naturally, I tried harder to extract my beverage from its container. It was at this point that the "clump of grape chunks" rocketed out of the can, teetering on the edge of catastrophe at the back of my throat. I recovered, and as I began to chew, I came to a horrid realization.

There was an entire grape in my mouth. An entire grape.

This beverage did not contain mere grape chunks. They don't deal in that kid stuff. This drink was forcefully injecting entire, skinless, seedless grapes into my consumption experience.

At first, I did not believe what my senses were experiencing. Surely there was a mistake. I hastily took another drink, hoping to prove myself wrong, but alas, two more slimy fruits introduced themselves to my taste buds. I chewed (and let me tell you, chewing a beverage is one of the strangest sensations I've ever experienced) and swallowed and took another careful look into the can. Now that some of the grapes were gone and there was room for the rest to shift around, I realized that the liquid itself was actually clear. Upon first inspection of the fluid, there were so many grapes packed into the can that I had mistaken the color of the actual grapes for the tint of the liquid.

Now, at first, I was repulsed. The shock of unexpectedly sucking an entire piece of fruit out of a can of juice was pretty harsh, and almost made me not want to finish the eight ounce can. However, I refused to let my surprise get the best of me, and decided to dedicate myself to it. So I kept drinking, and as I did so, I really started to enjoy the beverage. The grapes were actually a really interesting touch, and the juice itself was good. I did feel, however, that the eight ounce serving was about right, as I don't know that I could have handled much more than that. If you have access to this at a store near you, I definitely recommend that you give it a try. It's worth the experience.

They also offer it in orange. I shudder to think...

Verdict: Hesitantly Recommended. Just be ready for something different.

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  1. they need to start selling it in bottles. i have trouble getting the grapes out of the tiny hole.