Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Apple Sidra

I picked this drink up at my local Asian Grocer. It's basically just a lightly carbonated apple soda. Now, I like my sodas super carbonated. To me, that is what defines a soda. I like it to sting my mouth a little bit. However, I also really like apples.

My apologies. I am rambling. In any case, Apple Sidra is overall a pretty good drink. The apple taste is very natural (as with most Asian beverages), but as a result it is also very rich and sugary. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I could only drink about half of the can at one time, so Apple Sidra does lose minor points for sustainability of the serving size. I have a hard time holding it against the beverage, though, as it's a price that I'm willing to pay for a more natural, unadulterated flavor. Overall, I enjoyed my time with the beverage, but it is very rich, so if you're not a huge fan of apples, I can't recommend it.

Verdict: Recommended for hardcore apple lovers such as myself.

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