Friday, August 21, 2009

Jones 24c

Jones 24c is a really good drink. I like their sodas a good bit, and I like what they've been doing with expanding their franchise lately. I actually bought this 24c at a Big Lots for 70 cents not even realizing that it was a Jones product. I then proceeded to drink half of the beverage before realizing that it was, in fact, a Jones product. I purchased the Peach Mango flavor, and it was pretty tasty. It was pretty sweet, but not overbearing, and didn't leave the dry or bitter aftertaste that a lot of these types of "enhanced waters" usually leave behind. I haven't seen it anywhere but Big Lots so far, but I would definitely buy it again. It's my favorite flavored water beverage thing yet.

Verdict: Recommended

[Edit: Since this review, I have tried two more flavors of Jones 24c: Lemon-Lime and Mandarin Orange. Lemon-Lime was also delicious. Mandarin Orange was questionable.]

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  1. Jones Soda has like 10 flavors of 24c and you can buy it at their online store.

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