Friday, January 2, 2009

Woodchuck Draft Cider

So, I'm going to go ahead and post the disclaimer first for the nitpickers out there. I will be doing reviews of alcoholic beverages on this blog from time to time. No, I am not 21. However, according to South Carolina state ordinances, it is not illegal to drink in your own home with parental consent. I have never been drunk, and I only drink at home. I have a respect for alcohol that unfortunately many of my peers do not share, and I enjoy my alcoholic beverages for the taste, not the physical result.

Anyway, now that I have justified myself, onto the Woodchuck Draft Cider. This stuff is...not...good. I enjoy a cider from time to time, but cider and alcohol do not quite mix. The result tastes kind of like a cider that's been sitting around in the fridge since last Christmas. It's not necessarily horrible...but it's not very tasty, either. I finished the first one I had with not a whole lot of trouble, but the second one I opened was unmanageable. I could only drink two sips. The aftertaste is not very good, either. Kind of like the actual taste, but worse and longer lasting. The consistency is somewhat like beer, with less carbonation. It also doesn't sustain very well, as I could not even finish a serving.

Conclusion: 3/10
This just isn't very good. If you're looking for something to help out the holiday...look elsewhere.

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